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Snowy sidewalks create safety hazard for all Helena residents

HELENA – Blocked sidewalks filled with snow can be dangerous for people trying to navigate their way around town and is especially the case for those who use walkers or wheelchairs.

The Montana Independent Living Project is reminding residents and businesses to keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

Joel Peden, Advocacy Coordinator, says not only is this safety hazard for not just those who are disabled, but for anyone trying to walk around during freezing temperatures.

“Clean sidewalks are so important. It reduces the risk of slipping and falling, it reduces the risk of somebody getting stuck and allows people to get out and be apart of our community, even during the winter time,” said Peden.

Though the county does do their best in preventing snow buildup, more could be done. Peden continued, “Otherwise for so many people…they get stuck in their house and that’s when that isolation starts to kick in. There’s lot of important aspects, not just physically, you know, mentally as well.”

For information on the city’s snow removal policy go to their website.

Christine Sullivan

Christine Sullivan

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