Helena, Montana

Montana Ag Network

Montana Ag Network: Ranchers want alternative proteins regulated

BILLINGS- Montana ranchers produce some of highest quality beef you’ll find anywhere, but lately plant-based proteins and lab-grown meat have grabbed headlines and cattlemen and cattlewomen want to protect the integrity of their industry through proper labeling of alternative proteins.

Montana Ag Network: Bear Paw Meats

CHINOOK – The phrase “farm to fork” is thrown around quite a bit these days. But for one Montana Company, it’s more than just a phrase; it’s a lifestyle

Montana Ag Network: Padlock Ranch celebrates 75th anniversary

The Padlock Ranch was established by Homer and Mildred Scott in 1943 in Dayton, Wyoming, where the headquarters are still located. Homer started with about 3000 acres and 300 head of cattle and the ranch is still owned by the Scott family but has grown tremendously since its establishment.

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