Helena, Montana

Political News

Montana officially compliant with REAL ID laws

After years of work to implement Real ID licenses and ID cards, the Department of Homeland Security said Monday Montana is officially compliant with the REAL ID Act of 2005.

Ballot Box

Montana officials remind voters about changes to ballot collection rules

Last year, Montana voters approved Legislative Referendum 129. It says only a family member, household member, caregiver or acquaintance can directly deliver another voter’s ballot to election offices, and that anyone who does drop off another person’s ballot must register.

Malinda Harris Limberhand

“Hanna’s Act” clears Montana Senate

HELENA – After a turbulent journey through the Montana Legislature, the bill named after Hannah Harris, who was found murdered on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in 2013, passed the Senate 37-13 Tuesday.

Ever-shifting ‘companion bills’ part of final budget talks

HELENA — A one-sentence bill that morphed into a nine-page, $38 million legislative behemoth is a key element of the 2019 Montana Legislature’s final budget dance — and so are a few other of these so-called “companion bills,” which have drawn a skeptical eye from some lawmakers.

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