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Carroll football players eat dozens of pancakes to benefit Shodair

HELENA – Pancakes sound good, right? What about eating one dozen pancakes?

That’s about how many each of the participating Carroll College football players ate in an eating contest Tuesday.

The reason? Free Pancake Day at IHOP!

The restaurant said each short stack served across the country helps children battling critical illness.

“Any donation helps,” said Carroll College student Madison Fernandez, who helped organize the pancake eating contest. “You’re not required to give one, but we really appreciate it, and  think it’s really cool that people are able to do that.”

One of the players, Seamus Tully, even brought his own maple syrup from Vermont, his home state. He was able to eat 16 pancakes before the timer stopped.

“That was a lot of pancakes,” Tully said. “I think that was more pancakes than I‘ve eaten in the past year so I think I filled my quota for the next two years.”

In Helena, the money IHOP raised will go to Shodair Children’s Hospital.


Evelyn Schultz

Evelyn Schultz

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