Helena, Montana

Weather Wise

Halloween More Trick Than Treat

After a prolonged period of usually quiet weather, Mother Nature is making up for lost time. Storms are lined up in the Pacific and virtually every day this week will have inclement weather.

Wintry Ongoing October Weather

Montana is in a colder weather pattern that will last for the next few days. Areas of snow mainly in the mountains and along the Continental Divide.

Wonderful Water Falling on Thirsty Montana

Hallelujah! Rain, cooler temperatures and widespread cloud cover were welcomed through most of fire-weary Montana. Rain fell through a lot of the state, and fell on many of the state’s wildfires.

Wildfire Danger and the Temperature Dips After Hellacious Weekend

The worst fire weather and possibly the worst weather of year in general is over, but the damage is done. A record breaking heat wave along with a cold front that triggered thunderstorms and wind resulted in many new fires across Montana, several that grew thousands of acres.

Weather Wise: Weather Shifts

Here in Montana, we get all four seasons to the max with dramatic changes from season to season, month to month, and day to day.

Weather Wise: Sunscreen FAQ

HELENA – Montana offers endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, but all of that time spent under the sun isn’t so great for your skin. “People

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