Helena, Montana

Weather Wise

Weather Wise: slot canyon safety

HELENA- Slot canyons are an uncommon and beautiful geologic feature to explore in Montana. But the wonders can be dangerous especially when it comes to flash flooding.

Weather Wise: Mountain Melt

Here in Montana we have our seasons: summer, fall, winter, spring, second winter, fire season, third winter, and flood season, to name a few.

Weather Wise: Annual Drought and Water Supply meeting

HELENA – The Governor’s Drought and Water Supply Advisory Committee meeting this Wednesday is an important assessment of Montana’s snowpack, drought, projected stream flow and agricultural status heading into summer and fire season.

Weather Wise: Flooding Terminology

It’s widely known that flood season is underway. But in this week’s Weather Wise, some of the terms used to describe flooding and the warnings are lesser known.

Weather Wise: February shatters cold weather records

That was not your grandfather’s February, or even a February like any of us have experienced before. In this week’s Weather Wise, last month shattered all sorts of records as one of the coldest ever in Montana’s history.

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