Helena, Montana

Weather Wise

Weather Wise: Car survival tips

HELENA – This is a hypothetical situation in very real weather. In this week’s Weather Wise, Meteorologist Curtis Grevenitz simulates a situation where he’s driven off the road in the current, harsh winter conditions.

Weather Wise: Wind Chill Woes

Current wind chills across the state at best could give you frostbite in less than a half hour, at worst, the current wind chills could be deadly.

Weather Wise: Winter Tourism in Montana

Snow in Montana creates numerous outdoor recreation activities that generate precious revenue. And when there’s a lean winter, businesses feel that in their pocket.

Hold Onto Your Hats

A HIGH WIND WARNING is in effect for areas east of the Rocky Mountain Front.

Halloween More Trick Than Treat

After a prolonged period of usually quiet weather, Mother Nature is making up for lost time. Storms are lined up in the Pacific and virtually every day this week will have inclement weather.

Wintry Ongoing October Weather

Montana is in a colder weather pattern that will last for the next few days. Areas of snow mainly in the mountains and along the Continental Divide.

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