Helena, Montana

February 11, 2019

Former Blackfeet Reservation doctor’s story to be featured on PBS documentary

On Tuesday, the award-winning PBS program Frontline will air “Predator on the Reservation.” It’s a collaboration with the Wall Street Journal that outlines the crimes of Dr. Stanley Patrick Weber, a former pediatrician on the Blackfeet Reservation who was sentenced last month to more than 18 years in prison for sexually abusing young boys.

Weather Wise: Car survival tips

HELENA – This is a hypothetical situation in very real weather. In this week’s Weather Wise, Meteorologist Curtis Grevenitz simulates a situation where he’s driven off the road in the current, harsh winter conditions.

Another Week of Wicked Wintry Weather

A WIND CHILL ADVISORY remains in effect for northeast Montana into Tuesday for wind chills as cold as -40. A WINTER STORM WARNING is in effect for northwest Montana. A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY is in effect for the Rocky Mountain Front into Tuesday.

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