Helena, Montana

Montana Made

Montana Made: Grand Vision Gaming

BILLINGS – Trying to turn the jungle into a Vegas casino floor is what might best describe what Grand Vision Gaming in Billings is doing with their business.

Montana Made: Gulli Totem Poles & Carvings

VICTOR – Totem poles tell a story, whether it’s the story of an indigenous people or, in more modern times, someone’s imagination. Either way, making them is a labor of love and true artistry.

Montana Made: Montana Canvas

BELGRADE – Ask any thriving businessperson the secret to success and you’ll likely hear, “Keep it simple.”

Montana Made: Rusty Lathe Wood Design

“We toyed with a lot of different names; for lack of better, we thought, ‘There’s nothing worse than a rusty lathe, so why not call

Montana Made: Sting Saddlery

HELENA – Located on the west end of Helena is Sting Saddlery, a business specializing in handcrafted leatherwork and repairs.

Montana Made: The Oil Barn

A business near Big Sandy called The Oil Barn has found a number of ways to utilize their product.

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