Helena, Montana

Curtis Grevenitz

Thanks Julie Lamb-Heller!

Julie Lamb-Heller has been filling in at the station for the last several weeks on a temporary basis. Her last day at KTVH is today. However, many of you know that Julie started in television news at KTVH back in the late 1990’s. At times Julie has come back to fill-in for a day or so. It’s been a pleasure to work with Julie over the years.

Beautiful Back to School Weather and Beyond

What a beautiful day! As summer weather returned, some kids were off to their first day of school which is a reminder that summer is nearing its end. However the weather could not be more beautiful and it should stay this way for a while.

Growth on Howe Ridge and Other Montana Wildfires Expected

The Howe Ridge wildfire in Glacier National Park is now Montana’s largest wildfire of the year at more than 9,600 acres. Drier, warmer and windy conditions will return the next few days which will likely result in growth on some Montana wildfires.

Brief Breath of Fresh Air

The late summer rainstorm continues to bring benefits to Montana, albeit for a limited time. Most of the state has experienced an improvement in air quality from the weekend because of the storm.

Wonderful Water Falling on Thirsty Montana

Hallelujah! Rain, cooler temperatures and widespread cloud cover were welcomed through most of fire-weary Montana. Rain fell through a lot of the state, and fell on many of the state’s wildfires.

Here Comes Lightning, But Also Rain

A RED FLAG WARNING has been issued for Friday because of thunderstorms producing lightning strikes and erratic wind, but the storms will also produce rain.

Fiery to Freezing, Back to Fiery

Just a few days ago Montana was in the midst of the worst heatwave of the year, as highs reached between 100-110. The last two mornings were chilly for August standards, as lows dipped into the 20s, 30s and 40s.

Wildfire Danger and the Temperature Dips After Hellacious Weekend

The worst fire weather and possibly the worst weather of year in general is over, but the damage is done. A record breaking heat wave along with a cold front that triggered thunderstorms and wind resulted in many new fires across Montana, several that grew thousands of acres.

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