Helena, Montana

Curtis Grevenitz

A Snowy, Sloppy Holiday Weekend

Here’s a map of potential snowfall through the weekend into Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday.  It’s a holiday weekend for most people, a

Weather Wise: Winter Tourism in Montana

Snow in Montana creates numerous outdoor recreation activities that generate precious revenue. And when there’s a lean winter, businesses feel that in their pocket.

Montana’s Mountain Snowpack Not So Bad

Although across much of Montana it feels like snow is below average, the mountains are doing fairly well.  Montana’s river basins range from 80% to

Winter Woke Up Across Montana

Snow, wind, reduced visibility, cold…what is this, January? This winter doesn’t hold a candle to last winter when this Monday felt like the average day last year.

Big Wind for Big Sky Country

Holy Cow!  Incredibly, wind gusts as high as 103mph have occurred recently in Montana.  Most of the state has had a very, very windy week. 

Pacific Push Keeps Cold Contained

A HIGH WIND WARNING continues for north-central Montana east of the Rocky Mountain Front through Friday afternoon for sustained wind between 30-50mph and gusts up

Warmer Winds Are Making For A Wimpy Winter

A HIGH WIND WARNING continues for the Rocky Mountain Front and north-central Montana into Friday.  A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY has been issued for northwest Montana

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